almost blind girl (fuhsuan) wrote in leathergloves,
almost blind girl

today was definitely, definitely a mylin day.

mylin in the morning
mylin in the evening
mylin during lunchtime
mylin on a bagel
so i can see her anytime

ok i'm getting obsessive.
so i saw her as i was leaving beebe to go to taich this afternoon. she was eating with some friends at the beebe bell desk. i smiled all the way to taichi
then, miss e told me about dead serious...and the possibility of her being in it.
of course, we went, and she was there. as cute as ever. oh my.
thennnn... i walked with the poor poor stressed elaine to schneider.
as i was walking back to beebe, i saw her again!
oh my god. i was thinking, "ok grace you can do this. say something to her"
but my mouth was filled with pear. and i didn't say anything. she looked up at me too!
oh so close so close. mylin, don't graduate. stay here with elaine and me. you bring us so much joy you cannot imagine
mylin and hot girl andy should stay here for three more years. they've got stalkers. they've had expectations to fulfill. yayyyy...
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