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hello. will you get in my pocket?


hot girls. cute girls. just girls.
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ok. this community is for people who like hot girls and cute girls.

if you don't think Hot Girl is hot, there is something OBVIOUSLY wrong with you.

do not join if you are too straight for this community, and/or can't appreciate hot girls.

those are the rules FOR NOW, BIATCHES!!!

***PLEASE! if you use real names in a post, post it under the protected friends only option.
"andy", "mylin", "tiffany", boxes, broad shoulders, burberry hats, campus mail, christmas presents, college, cute girls, emily huo, fat nachos bitch, fighting, gary sinise, giant shark cages, girls, girls who smell nice, grace is stupid, hot girl, hot girls, hot pockets, leather gloves, lenny, little one, my pocket, nachos, non-straightness, obi wan kenobi, of mice and men, ok, pizza at supper time, pizza bagels, pizza in the evening, pizza in the morning, potential hot girls, putting people into boxes, rabbits, rich blonde bitch, semi-formals, she is mine!, small cute happy blondes, stalking, the prince of wales, the small ones, tiffany bracelets, white armani pant suits